HVAC Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Las Vegas

“Our Name Says It All”

At Expert Air Conditioning & Heating, we can provide many services to make your home or business environment more comfortable. We perform all heating and cooling services from repairing your unit, to installing complete HVAC systems to performing preventive maintenance on your current system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair

Expert Air Conditioning & Heating repairs your air conditioning unit whether you’re taking care of the problem ahead of time in spring or you need relief from the heat in the middle of summer. From simple repairs such as patching a leak or tightening a connection to extensive work such as installing a new compressor, we can handle it all. We will come out and inspect your air conditioning to determine why it has failed and give you a detailed estimate before completing the work. Then we will get your system up and running as quickly as possible so you can be comfortable.

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Air Conditioning Replacements

When your air conditioning system is worn out or it makes more sense to replace the system than do extensive repairs, we offer air conditioning replacements. We will go over the product needs for your home or business and find you a modern, energy efficient model that will work for your space and your budget. We’ll get the new unit installed as soon as possible, testing all the components so you are cool and comfortable when we leave.

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Heat System Repairs

Expert Air Conditioning & Heating will repair your heat system, including both heat pumps and gas furnaces. Whether this means replacing a small part, fixing a leak, repairing a switch, or making more extensive repairs, we can restore the warmth and efficiency of your heating system quickly. We will go over exactly what we need to repair and get started as soon as we can.

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Split System Replacements

Expert Air Conditioning & Heating will give you a free estimate for replacement. These include ductless mini-splits. We can install any of the leading manufacturers, equipment. Prices will vary based on manufacturer. The following brands we carry in stock: Goodman/Amana/Daiken, Tempstar/Carrier, American Standard/Trane.

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Duct Repairs

Expert Air Conditioning & Heating also offers duct repair services. A leak in your ductwork can lead to a significant loss in your heating and air conditioning system. Another common problem includes areas that are no longer heated or cooled evenly. Our experts will do a thorough inspection and test for leaks, damage, or infestations of insects or dirt that may be blocking air flow. We can fix some problems right away; for others, we will schedule a time to perform necessary repairs such as fabrication or new ductwork installation. We will get your ducts back in working condition.

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Duct Installation

For newly constructed homes or business as well as remodeled areas, we offer duct installation. These are essential for consistent airflow and even temperatures. We will ensure your new ducts are placed properly for the type of heating and cooling system you have. We know how to make your duct system energy efficient and effective.

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Preventative Maintenance

We perform inspections semi-annually.

Our Spring Service (from April to June) includes:

  • –Check operating pressures
  • –Check amperages of motors
  • –Inspect capacitors
  • –Inspect and clean control boards
  • –Take temperature Splits

Our Fall Service (normally done from October through December) includes:

  • –Check burners and clean
  • –Check control boards and safeties
  • –Check amperages of motors and gas valve
  • –Check pressure switch
  • –Check ignition system and clean flame sensor
  • –Take temperature splits

Free In-Home Estimates for Unit Replacements

Expert Air Conditioning & Heating knows a unit replacement can be a significant investment and can change the environment in your home. We offer free estimates so you can plan for the best replacement for your home. You will know exactly what to expect in terms of cost and time to complete the replacement.