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10 Sep Clean Ductwork

There are a few signs that it’s time to clean the heating ducts throughout your home. First, you might notice an increase in the dust levels. Furniture will get coated in dust quickly. Take a look at the air registers, especially the bigger return registers—return registers are usually located on the wall or maybe the ceiling. Are the registered caked in a layer of dust? Do the insides of the ducts look dirty, thick with dust or pet hair. If so, you have a few options. You can hire someone to come in and clean your ductwork. They will bring in high-powered vacuums with long hoses, and they will clean every nook and cranny. And if your system is incredibly dirty, that might be the best option.

Cleaning Overhaul

There are a few reasons to call a professional to clean your heating ducts. First, so much of the dirt, grime, and dust is located in the blower on the furnace. While it is possible for someone with experience, to kill the power to the furnace, then clean out the blower, it’s still a job better suited for a professional. And a professional will make sure all the ductwork and the furnace are free and clear of dust and debris. For those of you who suffer from allergies this might be a terrific option.

Maintenance Cleaning

If you intend to clean your own system, turn off the heating system and the fan (it’s beneficial to do work like this in the furnace’s off-season so that you don’t have to cut the furnace off on a cold day). Never work on the furnace when it’s on. Remember, just turning the furnace in the off” position on the thermostat won’t kill the power to the furnace. If you want to surface clean the parts of the furnace, start by cleaning the registers. Then clean out the top of the ducts with the hose from a vacuum. Wipe down the surfaces with paper towels. Remove the return register from the wall—or ceiling—and scrub away the dirt and grime. With the ducts cleaned, replace the furnace filter. A furnace filter should be replaced frequently, every month or so during the busy season. If you have any questions as to how to replace your furnace filter, or if you would like to speak with a professional about your home’s heating needs, then give Expert Heating a call.

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