How to make sure the air quality is healthy in your home

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22 Jun How to make sure the air quality is healthy in your home

Air quality in the home is a tricky subject. First, there are no standards set for air quality. Different areas have different levels of pollutants (the three exceptions are radon, lead, and asbestos—those are a no-no to be dealt with promptly by professionals). And many of the standards used, which are tested based on the average person, may still be too high for children, the elderly, the immunity-compromised such as pregnant women or people who suffer certain allergies and/or illnesses. So, knowing that, you can still get an air quality test performed in your own home to determine, at the very least, what the types of pollutants are, but you can also take preventative measures to ensure that your home is as clean as you make it.

First, clean all the air ducts. You can easily clean the surface-level stuff, including the dust and debris that’s become clogged right at the duct. Oftentimes the air will have pushed things like pet hair and dust upward where it gets caught in the grate. Remove the grate and use the hose extension on your vacuum. With the vents cleaned, make sure to replace the air filter. If you are unsure how to do this, remove it to check its size (the dimensions should be printed on the filter) and then go to the home store for a new one. Then, check the rest of the home using only your senses. It’s simple. For instance, if you smell something odd walking the rooms and hallways of your home, something musty like mold and mildew, you have some cleaning to do. If you have carpets, keep them cleaned, because carpet attracts and holds in so many things that can contribute to allergy or illness.

With the inside of the home cleaned, check the outside. Check the area around an exterior forced-air unit, or the areas where the vents from the furnace feed out. Make sure these areas are not clogged or obstructed. If they are dirty, make them clean.

If you have any other questions as to how to keep your home’s air quality at healthy levels make sure to call the experts at Expert Air Conditioning and Heating today.






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