Musty House Smells

06 Nov Musty House Smells

Now that the colder weather is here, you may notice a musty smell throughout the house. Maybe you’ve just moved into a new house and there’s an unexpected smell, a smell that wasn’t present during the initial visits or during inspection. Why is the smell occurring? Well, there could be a few reasons, but if the smell has seemed to crop up out of the blue, suddenly, then maybe it’s caused by your home’s HVAC system. This can happen in one of several ways.

Old HVAC System

This is the most obvious answer. Your home’s HVAC system may be old, and musty odors may be trapped within. Whenever an older HVAC system turns on, it might be spreading that musty odor throughout the house.

Blocked registers, or poorly-planned home layouts—some homes have master bedrooms and bathrooms without inadequate ventilation—can lead to condensation build up. This condensation can drain down the backs of window casings, into window trim, and down behind sheetrock walls. Unfortunately, this condensation can bring on mold growth that can be difficult to get rid of—even when mold is removed, it can smell musty for a long, long time (musty smells can pervade carpets and furniture much in the same way as cigarette smoke).

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to get rid of a musty house odor. If you suspect the HVAC system, change the filter immediately. Call Expert Heating and Cooling to come out and clean out the ductwork. If you nip the smell in the HVAC system in the bud, the smell still may be stuck in the ducts—a good duct cleaning is always beneficial to efficient heat within a home. You may even need to replace an HVAC system. Remember that most furnaces are built to last up to twenty years, but some lesser quality models may only last twelve or thirteen years. Third, you can replace any musty-smelling carpets or furniture.

If you have a musty odor that you expect is being emitted from your home’s furnace, than call Expert heating and Cooling to have an experienced technician come to your home to diagnose your musty-smell problem.

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