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06 Jan Space Heaters

Most homes have cold spots or cold rooms. These areas could be caused by inefficient windows, worn out or improper seals around windows and doors, maybe even rooms that are inefficiently insulated or situated directly above the garage. And when things get really cold outside, bringing the temps down inside, some people may be tempted to turn to a space heater for an added boost of warmth. But space heaters are dangerous, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Fire Starter

A space heater is a fire starter. In fact, heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fire in the United States. And, even more frightening, is that space heaters are responsible for over half of those fires. That’s pretty significant. Even an electric-supplied space heater’s coils can get extremely hot, and those hot coils placed too close to upholstery or even carpet—a tipped-over space heater could cause some serious damage to carpet and wood floors alike—can be hot enough to start a fire. A non-electrical space heater can ignite its own fuel supply; careless spills and other mechanical malfunctions could put the heat of the coils in direct contact with the fuel supply.

Carbon Monoxide

Space heaters that run on fuel are notorious carbon monoxide leakers—an electrical space heater cannot produce carbon monoxide. To use a fuel-supplied space heater indoors, without proper ventilation, would be absolutely dangerous.

So, instead of using a space heater to warm cold spots, call the experts at Expert Heating to diagnose and fix the cold spots for good. A cold spot could be cause by leaky ductwork—especially common in homes with older ductwork—poorly insulated ductwork, or possibly even poorly designed ductwork. Sometimes a cold spot crops up out of the blue, and the inner workings of your home’s HVAC system are the culprits—it happens even with well-planned-out and efficient systems, especially with age.

We hope that your furnace keeps you warm and comfortable this winter season, but if you do experience a problem, then make sure to call the experts at Expert Heating.

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