Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

14 Apr Springtime Air Conditioning Maintenance

Yes, it’s hard to believe that we’re already talking about air conditioning maintenance in April—there’s still a few sporadic cold winter days ahead, still the reasonably comfortable spring temps in the forecast. But, we are talking about Air Conditioner maintenance, and we’re doing it because it’s always better to make sure your Air Conditioning system is up and running efficiently before you need it. Don’t wait until the hundred degree temps of late June and early July, discover early if you have any glaring problems with your system, and, if so, get the experts from Expert Heating out to your home before you need your Air Conditioning system to be up and running.

At-Home Spring Maintenance

First, make sure that any plant growth is cleared from the system outside. Plants can grow in and around the fans, it can cover the vents around the system, and this can lead to an inefficient system. An inefficient system will underperform, and may overheat, leaving you with expensive repairs. So, make sure when you’re outside, cleaning up the yard for the spring season, that all growth gets cleared away.

Call an Expert Technician from Expert Heating

It’s recommended that your air conditioning unit be serviced by a qualified technician each year. Air Conditioners are just like any other mechanical appliance in that they require regular maintenance. Also, like most mechanical appliances, a small problem in the inner workings of the device can cause catastrophic and expensive repairs. Also, remember that an unmaintained, inefficient Air Conditioner will stick you with higher energy bills. A service technician will be able to clean the innermost working parts of the machine, like the fans, which have been sucking in dirt and debris. The Expert Technician will also maintain the coolant level, and check on all the electrical components. An ounce of prevention is totally worth it.

If you have any further questions as to how to maintain your Air Conditioner this spring, or would like to schedule an appointment with a license expert technician, contact Expert Air Conditioning & Heating today!



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