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10 Aug Summer Efficiency

Did you know that your home’s air cooling unit degrades over time? Did you know that time erodes efficiency—up to five percent efficiency for every year air cooling units are not properly serviced (it could also be more depending on the age and maximal usage of the air cooling unit). Obviously, while this is the busy season, and it’s best to get your air cooling unit serviced before it has the daily effort of keeping the home at optimal cool temperatures, it still counts to have the servicing done mid-season, to have the system working efficiently.

It’s also important to change the filters on your air cooling unit. Just like the furnace, an air cooling unit’s filter needs to be replaced twice a season. If it’s not, and the filter becomes clogged with dust and debris, it could cause several issues within the system, which are much costlier and more invasive to fix than the simple at-home replacement of an air filter.

Set your thermostat in the summer, and set it to a reasonable temperature. For every degree that you drop the temperature, you will see a raise in cost. For temps below seventy degrees you will also see a loss of efficiency. Also, having a programmable thermostat, one that keeps to your work schedule, etc., is important for both efficiency and cost. And make sure that there are no outside influences on the thermostat. It should be placed in a location without direct sun, somewhere without hot or cold influences.

If you have an air cooling system with an outside unit, make sure the unit is free and clear of debris—grass and weeds can easily grow up into the openings on the unit—which is something we can often forget to do because these units are usually placed in a part of the backyard (usually the side yard) where there isn’t much foot traffic. If the unit outside is in full sun, consider planting shrubs or trees around it that place it in shade for most of the day. This will help the unit run more efficiently.

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